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Dental tourism in Serbia

Dental Clinic BJL exists since 1990 and we practicing dental tourism since 2000. For all the people who come from abroad, we are providing all dental services and organizing accommodation.We are here to make your stay in Belgrade, during your dental treatment, as efficient and as comfortable as possible. If you are arriving to Serbia by plane or any other means of transport, we will provide you with the transfer from the airport (bus station or the railway station) to your hotel or the clinic and back. Dental Clinic BJL,our team members are waiting for you,your traveler mate and even your family to arrange any transportation and any accommodation for you to suit your preferences as you wish.    
After finishing your stay in Belgrade, you will be provided with the transport back to the airport Belgrade is a city in Serbia, the centre of the borough of Belgrade.You will never be left alone here in Serbia.
We are here to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Upon your arrival in Belgrade, a member of our team will meet you at the airport or the bus station and provide you with a comfortable ride to your hotel in Belgrade. We offer our customers, the patients, a choice to choose their accommodation their selves, among a variety of top class hotel rooms and apartments according to their wishes and financial posibilities. It is also our duty to provide our customers a ride to the BJL clinic during the each visit, and a ride back to the airport or the bus station. The Dental Serbia - Dental Clinic BJL team will be at your service during your entire stay, the stomatological treatment, shopping and sightseeing.
All this services are already included at the price of your dental treatment,so you dont have to pay anything more.
Dentall clinic BJL,so besides the professional stomatological treatment you will receive, you also have a chance to see and enjoy in some of our natural beauties.

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